Technique to check pnr status

PNR is the acronym used for A Passenger Name Record. This name documentation includes the complete in sequence about the passenger’s travel schedule recorded in the huge database of Computer Reservation System (CRS).

It is an significant number characterized by 10 digits to confirm and check the condition of a railway ticket. During this record a passenger can check whether the train ticket is established, remains list, or RAC (reservation against cancellation).

Here are some of the vital methods and ways to ensure PNR status enquiry :

The awfully first technique is to ensure through listed railway enquiry number 139 that can be dialed from any landline from corner to corner the country. After dialing 139, Passenger or the human being making the enquiry needs to follow the  IVRS. Population who reside in Delhi and Mumbai behold an extra advantage over the others. This is because they are given the advantage of checking the PNR status enquiry by just dialing 139 followed by the 10 digit number.

This enquiry can also be done all the way through SMS. It’s not long since the service has been introduced by the Indian Railways yet in a very short time it has happen to the most acknowledged medium of PNR status enquiry. In this method, the passenger just has to send a message to 5888 or 57886 or 5676747 depending on the settings and networking of dissimilar mobile service providers.

an additional simple way is to do so through the authorized Indian Railway website. The IRCTC (Indian Railway Catering and Tourism Corporation) website has a unique web page dedicated to verify the PNR status enquiry. Passenger just needs to fill in the 10 digit number in the box provided below the PNR status tag and then click on ‘submit’. This will give the complete in order on whether the ticket is confirmed or still pending.


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