How to Check PNR Status

Travelling in India is mostly preferred by trains than any other means of transport due to the comfort ability involved.PNR stands for Passenger Name Record. The passengers are allotted a number known as “PNR” (Passenger Number Record) that helps them check the status of their reservation. With such an increase in the bookings, there has been a tremendous growth in the enquiry of the PNR status by the passengers. To make things more comfortable for the passengers, online reservation and PNR enquiry check had been started. It is the full record of the person in the CRS (Computer Reservation System) which is a huge database of Indian Railways. The PNR number of tickets is generated by considering some essential points such as Name of the Passenger, Train No. /Name, Date of Journey, Passenger Address and contact details and so on. Indian railways PNR number additionally considers the name of the booking agents. All these components help in producing an alpha numeric 10 digits PNR No. which is utilized amid PNR Enquiry. The PNR number is printed on the upper left corner of ticket. The catering, tourism and online railway reservation of the Indian  railway is undertaken by the IRCTC (Indian catering and tourism corporation).the IRCTC website is designed to allow the user to book , modify and cancel ticket online and also provide information on train timetables, seat availability and PNR status and various train pnr status. The website is user friendly. Ticket on railway reservation can be reserved up to 90 days prior to the travel date. You can book your tickets through the website, sms /call, via android app. online railway reservation system helps to book train ticket by paying fast through credit cards and confirm a seat on train by one click. The train journey is safe and comfortable 70% public travel by train. with the help of technology it is not necessary to check the railway reservation chart of the station .You can check the PNR status and indian railway PNR status through the website, sms/call and through Android app. if you Check PNR Status you will be surprised to note that the railway

corporation is also changing with the time.

PNR is the online documentation of the Indian railway reservation system. PNR is short name for ‘Passenger Name Record.  It is a record in the database of Indian Railways computer reservation system (IR-CRS) against which journey details for a passenger, or a group of passengers are saved.

=> There are many techniques that have been designed to how to check pnr status and how to find  pnr number on ticket status check enquiry information to   passenger to check online enquiry.

  1. PNR status enquiry through online websites
  2. Current reservation status check using SMS
  3. Mobile applications
  4. Railway enquiry counters at railway station

On website you all need to do is enter your 1o digit numbers into the box made available to you, after that click and submit button and you are done.

Via  sms method of  checking  pnr status, all you need is to have a code to send your message to provide number and Depending on the mobile service provider you use, settings or processes might vary proceed charges may apply.

PNR<your pnr number>

For example – 1023456789

Another method is to dial 139 which is a toll free number from your landline or mobile. After the three digit number   has been dialed, follow the voice prompt. When voice prompt also known as interactive voice response is followed well, the best results will be achieved.22ClickHandler.ashx.jpg 22


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